NUPTSE 12 point crampons

12-point crampons for alpinism and combined climbing. NUPTSE crampons are made of hardened steel in combination with durable plastic and strong bonding straps…

Stane Kosec peak at Rašica above Ljubljana

The “Stane Kosec” peak in a point at the top of the hill Rašica, located north of Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia. Hill Rašica, with its altitude of 641 m.a.s.l…

Mountain Triglav from Stol

Glorious mountain Triglav. It is the tallest mountain in Slovenian Julian Alps, with 2684 m.a.s.l. This photo is taken from the mountain called Stol.

The beauty of suburban

Šmartno beneath Šmarna gora is a part of Ljubljana. Located on the left bank of the river Sava River…

Grmada – Mount Saint Mary

Angel figure someone placed along the path,  as a Beautiful little reminder to take care of yourself and others.  Photo taken while hiking to the hill Grmada…

About me

Welcome to the Caelum Natura website.

My name is Leon G. M. I am 37 years old “young” and an enthusiastic hiker, in love with nature, especially hills and mountains. I am the author/owner of photographs and texts on this website. It’s a personal blog about hiking, beautiful nature, mountaineering, photography, and hiking equipment through my eyes and a lens of not-at-all-professional equipment.

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The name is combined of two Latin phrases. “Caelum” meaning heaven, and “Natura“, meaning nature.

I hope you’ll enjoy the content and I wish you a truly amazing day. If there is anything you like, please share with your friends. It would mean a lot to me. Thank you.

Leon G. M.

Owner and author.

Social media

If It catches my eye, I’ll capture it in a photo! Sometimes unimportant and trivial things, sometimes boundless horizons. I am not a professional photographer, and I don’t present my self as one. I capture photos with my mobile phone simply as a hiker, looking for what is beautiful and interesting.

Facebook and Instagram pages Caelum Natura are, just as an official website, dedicated mainly to my hiking routes, hills, and mountains, but also nature and beautiful “things” in general. Every corner I visit I immortalize with a photo. I don’t use any special or professional photo equipment. Just my mobile phone and Lightroom.

The general idea behind photos is not “cold” realism but somewhat creative approach to mother nature, history and everything I find interesting on my hiking trips. Hope you find it interesting to see and read.

Caelum Natura

In nature, light creates the color. In the picture, color creates the light.

~ Hans Hofmann

Equipment I use

Info about the equipment I use. More details coming soon!

LG G6 & LG V30

LG G6 & LG V30

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Welcome to my personal website, dedicated to the most beautiful points of Slovenian hills and mountains.

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