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DC3 Dakota – Allies landing zone in Otok, Bela Krajina

In Bela Krajina, on the left bank of the river Kolpa, a few kilometers from the town of Metlika in the direction of Podzemelj – Gradac – Črnomelj, right next to the border with Croatia, there is a small village Otok.

Interesting fact: Word Otok means Island the in Slovenian language.

The village Otok, which is situated in the beautiful nature along the Kolpa River, is not anything special at first sight, but it is known for its interesting historical monument. In the beautifully landscaped surroundings, this is a place to learn about a World War II military aircraft labeled DC3 – Dakota (DC-47 Skytrain is one of the versions of the Douglas DC aircraft series). The specificity of the location and airplane is described in detailed information boards in the vicinity.

The DC3 – Dakota is standing here in the memory of the partisans and allied forces from the World War II. In 1944, the spring of the village Otok was marked by the creation of emergency airport where the DC3 – Dakota plane landed to rescue many wounded, but also civilians, especially women and children. They were taken to Allied hospitals in Italy by the Allies. In addition to assistance in the form of transporting wounded soldiers and civilian population, the aircraft was one of the key ways to deliver clothing, medicines, weapons and ammunition.

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