Roblekov Dom

What altitude is Roblekov dom at?

What altitude is Roblekov dom at?1657 m.a.s.l.


What is the altitude of Begunjščica?

What is the altitude of Begunjščica? 2060 m.a.s.l.

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Hiking – Roblekov dom

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Standing near the Roblekov dom, mountain lodge, from where a beautiful view opens up. In the gallery, in the photo with a signpost, you can see mountain Stol (Hochstuhl) with its 2236 meter above sea level (on the left) and mountain Vrtača (Wertatscha) with its 2181 meters above sea level (on the right). When I took this picture I was standing at approx. 1700 meters above sea level (Roblekov dom), approx. 360 meters below the mountain Begunjščica, which is 2060 meters above sea level.

INFO: Both mountains (Stol and Vrtača) are also the natural border between Slovenia and Austria. Stol is also the highest peak in Karavanke mountain range. 

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