Lake Bled

What is the altitude of lake Bled?

What is the altitude of lake Bled? 475 m.a.s.l.

Bled castle

Bled castle altitude

What is the altitude of Bled castle? 599 m.a.s.l.

What is in these pictures?

Lake Bled with island and traditional boat “Pletna”

World-known Lake Bled, with island and a traditional boat called “Pletna”. The “Pletna” is a traditional boat that takes you on a lovely cruise on the lake. It is 7 meters long and about 2 meters wide, made from wood.  This type of vessel is Lake Bled’s specific, and dates back to 12th century, when farmers were transporting travelers and pilgrims to Bled Island for the purpose of earning or tax compensation. The boat has one more specific, and that is in the way it is powered. The technique used is called: “Stehrudder technic”, meaning oarsman is standing and not sitting like in a typical boat. The name “pletna” originates from the German word “plateboot”, which means a flat-bottomed boat. 

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