Hubelj river source

What altitude is a source of Hubelj river at?

What altitude is a source of Hubelj river at? 220 m.a.s.l.

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Hubelj – Source of river in Ajdovščina

Spectacular source of the river Hubelj in Slovenia, city Ajdovščina. The Hubelj River originates from the Sturska gora (Sturska mountain), which rises 681 meters above sea level, overseeing city Ajdovščina. Suitable time of visiting this magical place is in all seasons, but before visiting, it is recommended to check the weather conditions, mostly wind power, since the wind called “Burja” (also Vipavska burja) can be very strong in this area. (Even over 100km/h +) Few meters from the river source, there is a lovely restaurant.

Hubelj is one of the main, cleanest Slovenian karst springs in the Vipava valley. The water, which comes from deep inside the mountain, exits from rocky holes at an altitude of approx 230 meters above sea level (waterfall on the picture). The Hubelj River is considered to be one of the cleanest water sources in Slovenia, so it is normal that there are natural springs with drinking water.

Personally, I love this place even more for all the hills that surround; Čaven ridge, Golaki, Sinji vrh…

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Hubelj river source in Ajdovščina

What altitude is a source of Hubelj river at?

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